Hot Red Pepper Jam

Our newest flavor is taking off like crazy.  This habanero packed jam is by far our spiciest product.  Use it to add spice to thai soups or noodles, mix it with our Garlic Pepper Jam and whiskey for an amazing BBQ sauce.


Blueberry Pepper Jam

Made with wild blueberries, our Blueberry Pepper Jam is the best of sweet and savory.  It is a wonderful compliment to cheese, glaze for venison and a perfect cheesecake topping.


MN Mead Jelly

Our pride and joy, MN Mead Jelly is so Minnesotan that even the bee's were raised here.  Try it on cheese, as a glaze for ham or mix with aged cheddar as a fantastic burger topper.


Our Products

MN Red Wine Jelly

Made with MN wine from MN grapes the MN Red Wine Jelly is an exciting addition to your next cheese platter, glaze for roast duck or mix with Chevre' for a fantastic stuffed burger


Ginger Pear Jam

The punch of fresh ginger combined with juicy pears and MN grown apples brings the feel of a warm autumn evening all year round.  Pair it with a strong cheese, or fill mini tart shells with it and a dollop of chevre for an outstanding appetizer.  


Green Pepper Jam

Our Green Pepper Jam (known some places as Jalapeno Jam), is the classic pepper jam.  Use it as a glaze on salmon, slather it on brie, or what the heck. .pour it over some cream cheese.


Raspberry Pepper Jam
Number one for good reason.  Our Raspberry Pepper Jam is a perfect compliment for everything from cheese to chocolate.  Try some on your next grilled chicken breast.



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Strawberry Verjus Jam

Verjus is made from grapes that are crushed before they are fully ripened and it adds a lovely tartness to the rich sweetness of plump strawberries.  This jam is wonderful paired with cheese, spread on fresh bread or spread over ice cream. 


Garlic Pepper Jam

Think of the spicy sweet flavors you find in Asian food and you will get an idea of the pop in our Garlic Pepper Jam.  It can be used in more ways then we can list so we will keep it to one. . Blue Cheese Garlic Pepper Stuffed Burgers.


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